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    Easily access, repair and install under bridge conduits, water lines, fiber optic lines, and utility wires.

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N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc.

Specialized Equipment Rentals for Bridge Inspections,

Repairs, and All Under Bridge Accessing.

N.E. Bridge Contractors specializes in road and railroad bridge accessing equipment including: under bridge inspection snoopers, sectional barges, man lifts, and bridge rigging. We also provide marine construction and marine repair services including: commercial diving, underwater welding, scour and fender repairs, and sub-cable replacement. Our equipment can help you safely inspect, repair, and access every part of any bridge. We provide Hi-Rail under bridge trucks, Hi-Rail Man Lifts, and Hi-Rail bucket trucks for use on Class I railroads and Shortline Railroads.


Underbridge Inspection Units are designed for completing all types of bridge inspection and maintenance work. You can easily access both roadway and railroad bridges with the large two-person basket. Whether you need to work above, below, or alongside the bridge, our under bridge machines safely maneuver you closer to the bridge structure and allow you to work hands on, getting work done more efficiently and more effectively.

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates which include a driver, fuel, and all machine maintenance. Our fleet consists of well maintained, late model units, with experienced drivers who have all been trained and certified by Aspen Aerials as professionally licensed operators.  Our drivers will bring the equipment right to your jobsite on time.  We have one of the largest fleets of under bridge units in the country and we can accommodate your short term or long term job.  N.E. Bridge can provide rental equipment to all 50 states as well as to Canada.

If you don’t know what type of machine is right for your job, take a look at our Equipment Selection Guide, or give us a call at 1-800-548-3408.


Our under bridge trucks can be used for many different jobs including:
  • Bridge Washing
  • Bridge Deck Repairs
  • Utilities
  • Fiber Optics
  • Bridge Painting
  • Signage
  • Conduit Line Inspection and Repair
  • Structural Testing
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Railroad Bridge Repairs
  • Railroad Bridge Inspections
  • Bridge Movement Monitoring
  • Structural Coring


At N.E. Bridge Contractors, we work with
many different types of industries including:
  • Government Agencies
  • State Departments
  • Transportation Authorities
  • Bridge Design Engineers
  • Bridge Inspection Engineers
  • Utility Companies
  • Fiber Optic Cable Companies
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Construction Contractors
  • Class 1 Railroads
  • Shortline Railroads
  • Bridge Maintenance Contractors (painting and washing)