About Us

N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc.

Incorporated in 1978

Incorporated in 1978 as New England Welding Contractors, our company established itself as a well-respected, certified bridge welder, working on both bridges and various commercial sites. Once we were an established welding subcontractor to several construction companies all over New England, we expanded to encompass other areas of bridge construction and rehabilitation.

Complete Bridge Rehabilitations

New England Welding Contractors, Inc. eventually became New England Bridge Contractors, Inc., and our services were no longer limited to welding. We now had the resources to do complete bridge rehabilitations including repair and replacement of expansion joints, bearings, pin and hanger, rivets, structural steel. With our expansion of services and equipment, the company grew three-fold in just 5 years, and was rapidly becoming well known in the bridge rehabilitation business.

N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc. In the mid-1990s, noticeable changes began to take place across the country within Bridge and Highway Departments. Giving our 15 years of experience in bridge rehab and construction, the company was aware of the deteriorating structural condition of bridges all over New England. Foreseeing budget cuts and downsizing, we began to pursue other avenues to ensure the company’s success. We felt bridge inspections were going to become commonplace and there would be a need for safe, reliable, and efficient methods by which engineers would inspect these bridges.

Bridge Accessing Equipment

Finally, New England Bridge Contractors became N. E. Bridge Contractors, Inc. Our clientele has grown to include many respected engineering firms, construction contractors, and utility companies in North America. We specialize in providing bridge accessing equipment for bridge inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Our under bridge trucks, also known as “Snoopers”, are useful across various industries including: structural engineering, utility companies, bridge painting, electrical contractors, and transportation authorities.

Railroad Bridge Inspection Equipment

In recent years, we have expanded once again to encompass railroad bridge inspection equipment. Our hi-rail vehicles create a quick and safe transition between road and rail, allowing easy access to any location with railroad tracks. Our modern fleet of hi-rail capable equipment has worked with railroads such as AMTRAK, Norfolk Southern, Genesee & Wyoming, BNSF, CSX, MBTA, and Metro North to inspect miles of railroad bridges.  All of our drivers are certified and trained according to ANSI 92.24/92.22 standards as well as E-Rail Safe and RWT certified.