B-32 Lightweight UBIU

The Aspen B-32 can be used to gain access on bridges with weight restrictions. With under 15 Ton / 30,000 total GVW, the B-32 is designed to operate on bridges where heavier trucks cannot be used and without sacrificing the features needed to access critical areas of the bridge. Standard Features include two turntables, three booms and a hydraulic two-person basket.

Set-up operation and system monitoring can be done from the cab of the truck.  A Graphical Terminal Interface, including a color display depicting unit operation and individual function performance while monitoring the unit’s parameters, hydraulics and enabling simple troubleshooting is in full view of the truck operator.

Controls, with wireless capabilities, are used remotely and in the operator basket. A communication system is also provided with speakers in the cab, at the turntable, and in the basket.

Two rotating turntables plus multiple articulating booms allow the basket to deploy off either side of the truck to access your structures. Turntable number two comes equipped with a hydraulic leveling system, providing smooth basket movement. In addition, the operator can make manual adjustments of +/- 9 degrees to compensate for the super-elevation of the bridge.

The Aspen B-32 has been designed to work overhead up to 33 feet, even when not operating on a bridge. With Boom #1 in its upward position overhead reach can be obtained.

The two-man, 450 lb. capacity basket has an horizontal underbridge reach up to 31′ 6″and can easily maneuver into tight areas for a close up inspection.

Horizontal Underbridge Reach: 31′ 6″

Vertical Reach Down: 33′

Vertical Reach Overhead: 33′ 10″

Maximum Sidewalk Clearance is 7′ 6″

Click Here for B-32 Specifications and Detailed Flight Path

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