Hi-Rail Install and Repair

FRA Annual Inspections

Under the Federal Railroad Administration FRA 214.523 guidelines the hi-rail gear of all hi-rail vehicles shall be inspected for safety at least annually and with no more than 14 months between inspections.  At N.E. Bridge we have FRA certified technicians on-site to verify your hi-rail equipment meets the FRA safety requirements for legal operation.  We specialize in inspecting and installing Diversified Metal Fabricators (DMF) rail gear systems and will inspect your hi-rail equipment to ensure it is functioning properly and safely.

Hi-Rail Gear Installation

We specialize in installing Diversified Metal Fabricators (DMF) rail gear on Pick-Up Trucks, Rotary Dumps, Bucket Trucks, Elliott Hi-Reach, and Aspen Aerials Under Bridge trucks.  We can transfer your vehicle from road to rail with rail gear installation to almost any chassis or frame.  A road-to-rail capable vehicle allows easy access to any location with railroad tracks from an at-grade crossing. The front guide wheel assembly attaches to the frame and front axle and lifts the front wheels off the track, thus utilizing the vehicle’s front suspension. This design supports the vehicle as it was intended and helps the truck navigate curves smoothly and dampen out the effects of track irregularities. The rear assembly attaches directly to the truck frame behind the rear axle.



We have rotary dumps in stock and available pre-installed or we can custom install on your equipment.


We will install your hi-rail gear for inspection on all Class I railroads including:

MBTA (including Red, Orange, Blue, Green Lines)



Metro North

Please call 508-238-1941 for pricing and details.