A-75 Under Bridge Unit

Our A-75 is the largest of under bridge machines with a 75’ maximum horizontal reach. The A-75 also provides 16′ of vertical reach through the use of its telescopic 4th boom section. This feature enables you to do a close-up inspection in between your deepest girders and beams under the bridge deck. Whether you need to work above, below, or alongside the bridge, the A-75 will safely maneuver you closer to the bridge structure and allow you to work hands on, getting work done more efficiently and more effectively.

To see a detailed flight path of the A-75, please click here.


  • Horizontal Under Bridge Reach: 75’
  • Vertical Reach Down:72’
  • 4th Telescoping boom: 16’
  • Overhead Vertical Reach Up: 53’
  • Fence Clearance: 11’
  • Sidewalk Clearance:12’6”
  • Rotation Range of Turret 1: 270 degrees
  • Rotation Range of Turret 2: 180 degrees
  • Deploys on Both Sides
  • Registered Weight: 79,000 lbs (39.5 Tons)
  • Front axle to Rear axle spacing: 35’7”
  • Total Length: 43’
  • Total Height: 13’


  • 600 lbs Bucket Capacity
  • Heated Bucket Platform
  • Inspection Lights
  • Axle Locks
  • No Outriggers or External Stabilizers
  • Basket Size (Two Person Basket): 40” x 60” x 42”
  • Three sets of controls: one set in the platform, one remote set, one set at the pedestal.
  • Sloped indicator alarm