N.E. Bridge offers a one day training program for all companies renting an Aspen Aerials under bridge truck who plan to have their own personnel running the basket.  Under the new ANSI 92.24/92.22 guidelines (Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) anyone operating the basket of an under bridge truck must be trained and hold a valid certificate of training beginning June 1st 2020.

Our training class will be designed to satisfy the general training requirements as outlined in the new 92.22/92.24 standards and shall include classroom as well as hands-on instructions regarding the pre-start inspection, application and operation of the unit, and recognition and avoidance of hazards associated with their operation.  Upon completion of this class each individual will receive a proof of training certification with a photo.

The one day class will include both theory/classroom as well as practical/hands-on training with equipment onsite to satisfy the ANSI 92.22/92.24 requirements for all MEWP groups including Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

The cost per person is $1,200 with prepayment required.


Training Class Testimonials:

     The ANSI 92.24/92.22 training classes offered by N.E. Bridge Contractors provide invaluable information regarding the safe operation of bridge access equipment.  The classes focus on real world scenarios that expose the inherent dangers of using mobile elevated work platforms.  In particular, the training provides the attendee crucial knowledge about the vulnerabilities and limitations of Aspen Aerial under bridge units.  The knowledge gained from this class has changed our bridge inspection access methods.  I recommend this class to any person who plans to use mobile elevated work platforms.     -Modjeski & Masters, IL


     N.E. Bridge offers a detailed ANSI 92.24/92.22 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) training course that efficiently combines classroom knowledge with a hands-on tutorial. This course reinforces the proper and safe operations of UBIUs while providing first-hand insight on component function and limitations. I’ve operated UBIUs for 14 years and came away with an enhanced understanding of the innerworkings, particularly the limit switches. Jared and Bridget did a great job developing and organizing this course at the forefront of the new ANSI requirements.     – HNTB, MA


     I learned several things that I’m ready to use in the field.     Juneau Associates, MO


Hands-on Training Session


Classroom Training Session


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