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Our A-62 is one of our larger under bridge machines with a 61’9” maximum horizontal reach. The A-62 provides 13′ of vertical reach through the use of its telescopic 4th boom section.  This feature will enable you to perform a close-up inspection in between your deepest girders, gutters, and beams under the bridge deck. Whether you need to work above, below, or alongside the bridge, the A-62 will safely maneuver you closer to the bridge structure and allow you to work hands on, getting work done more efficiently and more effectively .                                                                             N.E. Bridge Contractors, Inc.


We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates which include a driver, fuel, and all machine maintenance. Our fleet consists of well maintained, late model units, and our drivers are experienced, licensed, friendly, and will bring the equipment right to your jobsite on time. We have one of the largest fleets of under bridge units in the country and we can accommodate your short term or long term job. N.E. Bridge can provide rental equipment to all 50 states as well as to Canada.

  • Horizontal Under Bridge Reach: 61’9”
  • Vertical Reach Down: 67’7”
  • 4th Telescoping boom: 13’
  • Overhead Vertical Reach Up: 51’6”
  • Fence Clearance: 11’
  • Sidewalk Clearance: 13’
  • Rotation Range of Turret 1: 270 degrees
  • Rotation Range of Turret 2: 180 degrees
  • Front axle to Rear axle spacing: 19’8”
  • Deploys on Both Sides
  • Registered Weight: 72,000 lbs (36 Tons)
  • Front axle to Rear axle spacing: 24’9”
  • Total Length: 40’5”
  • Total Height: 13’
  • 600 lbs Bucket Capacity
  • Heated Bucket Platform
  • Inspection Lights
  • Axle Locks
  • No Outriggers or External Stabilizers
  • Basket Size (Two Person Basket): 40” x 60” x 42”
  • Three sets of controls: one set in the platform, one remote set, one set at the pedestal.
  • Sloped indicator alarm


Use 4th Telescoping Boom to Reach up into Deep Girders

To see a detailed flight path of the A-62, please click here.

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