Hi-Rail 45′ Bucket Trucks

N.E Bridge has 45′ bucket trucks available with a driver for short-term or long-term rental.  These versatile trucks are outfitted with an aerial work bucket that is raised and lowered using a hydraulic lift system, and can be used for overhead bridge accessing as well as for work on signs, telephone poles, and utilities.

We also provide bucket trucks equipped with rail gear, which are ideal for accessing upper trusses on roadway bridges.  Road-to-Rail capable vehicles allow easy access to any location with railroad tracks.  Installing Hi-Rail gear on any vehicle creates a quick and safe transition between road and rail.  The front guidewheel assembly attaches to the frame and front axle and lifts the front wheels off the track, thus utilizing the vehicle’s front suspension. This design supports the vehicle as it was intended and helps the truck navigate curves smoothly and dampen out the effects of track irregularities. The rear assembly attaches directly to the truck frame behind the rear axle.

Bucket Truck Features:

Overhead reach: 45’

Stowed travel height: 10’

Single Person Basket

Hi-Rail Capabilities

360 Degree Range

110 Volt AC Power Outlets

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